Upgrading to Silk Performer 21.0

Licensing: Silk Performer 21.0 requires a Silk Performer 21.0 license.

Project files: Project files can be upgraded from previous versions of Silk Performer by opening them in the current version. Downgrading from the current version to older Silk Performer versions has not been tested and is not supported.

Installation Information

Parallel installations: Silk Performer 21.0 (controller and agent) can be installed together with any older version of Silk Performer on the same machine without influencing each other.

Refer to the Silk Performer Installation Guide for installation instructions.

Evaluation: During the installation process, install one of the following versions:

  • Evaluation – Installs an evaluation version of Silk Performer, which grants you full product functionality for 45 days. The usage is limited to 10 virtual users. To upgrade to a full version at a later point in time, contact your sales representative.
  • Licensed – Installs an unrestricted version of Silk Performer, which requires a Silk Performer license.

Evaluation Version

If you have installed the evaluation version of Silk Performer 21.0, you can use the full product functionality for 30 days, limited to ten virtual users. The software stops operating when the evaluation period expires.

To ease you into the process of working with Silk Performer 21.0, it is recommended that you review Web Load Testing Tutorial. This PDF-based tutorial can be found in Silk Performer's documentation set.

Contact your sales representative to upgrade to the full version of Silk Performer 21.0.