Merging Single Result Files

Merging single result files is useful in the following situations:
  • You want to create a custom .tsd file based on selected source .tsd files.
  • You want to recreate the merged .tsd file (m@...tsd) to include results from agents that have lost connection during a load test. If the controller-agent connection fails, agent files reside on the agent in the local results directory. Depending on when the connection is lost, you might find either user-only or merged agent files. If you want these results included in the intermediate file of your load-test controller, you must manually merge the files.
  1. If necessary, copy all files you want to merge into a single directory.
  2. Choose Wizard > Custom Merge Wizard . The Custom Merge Wizard opens.
  3. Select the directory where all the files are stored and select all the files to merge.
  4. Click Finish.
A new, merged file containing all the data is generated.
Note: Make sure to not select .tsd files with the same or dependent data. For example: Merging User Type .tsd files and merged User Type .tsd files results in multiple aggregation of the same series, which usually is not a reasonable scenario.