Analyzing SAPGUI Test Scripts

Following the generation of a test script, you can determine if the script runs without error by running a Try Script run. A Try Script run determines if a script accurately recreates the intended transactions.

The default option settings for Try Script runs include live display of data downloaded during testing and the writing of log and report files.

With Try Script runs, only a single virtual user is run and the stress test option is enabled so that there is no think-time delay between transactions.

  1. Click Try Script on the Silk Performer workflow bar. The Try Script dialog box displays.
  2. To view rendered page transitions during a Try Script run, check the Animated Run with TrueLog Explorer check box.
  3. Click Run.
    Note: You are not running an actual load test here, only a test run to see if your script requires debugging.
    The Try Script run begins. The Silk Performer Monitor pane opens, giving you detailed information about the run’s progress.

    TrueLog Explorer opens, showing you the data that is downloaded during the Try Script run. Each main SAPGUI window accessed during recording is listed as a high-level SapGuiSetActiveWindow API node in the TrueLog menu tree. All recorded server round-trips and user actions are listed as subnodes of corresponding SapGuiSetActiveWindow nodes.