OraFormsVerifyPropByteArray Function


Verifies all elements in a byte array. The Oracle Forms type byte array is mainly used for transferring images from the server to the client.

Include file



OraFormsVerifyPropByteArray( in sName     : string, 
                             in nPropId   : number, 
                             in vArray    : array of byte, 
                             in nLen      : number, 
                             in nSeverity : number optional := SEVERITY_ERROR ) : boolean;

Return value

  • true is successful
  • false otherwise
Parameter Description
sName The control's unique name.
nPropId The property ID.
vArray The array to verify the parsed property value against.
nLen Length of the array.
nSeverity Optional: Severity of the error that is raised if the verification fails. Can be one of the following values:
  • SEVERITY_SUCCESS: Success; no error (numerical value: 0)
  • SEVERITY_INFORMATIONAL: Informational; no error (numerical value: 1)
  • SEVERITY_WARNING: Warning; no error (numerical value: 2)
  • SEVERITY_ERROR: (Default) Error; simulation continues (numerical value: 3)
  • SEVERITY_TRANS_EXIT: Error; the active transaction is aborted (numerical value: 4)
  • SEVERITY_PROCESS_EXIT: Error; the simulation is aborted (numerical value: 5)