Browser-driven Load Testing Enhancements

The following enhancements have been implemented for browser-driven load testing:

Browser-driven script recording for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers

Silk Performer now lets you record browser-driven scripts using Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera. To do so, it uses Silk WebDriver, which originally was a pure functional testing tool to record Silk Test or Selenium scripts. For Silk Performer 21.0 and onwards, the tool allows to generate browser-driven BDL scripts.

Locator Spy for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers

To facilitate locator generation and modification for all supported browsers except Internet Explorer, the Locator Spy is offered in the Tools menu.

Enhanced Silk WebDriver update for agents

You can update Silk WebDriver on your agents through the systems settings by selecting one or more agents on the Agent Pool tab, right-clicking, and clicking Update Webdriver. Another option is to update Silk WebDriver through the Summary page.

BrowserTypeKeys with delay parameter

The BDL function BrowserTypeKeys now offers a delay parameter, which lets you specify the delay between the separate keystrokes.

Identifying the determining TTI element

TrueLog Explorer now displays the element that determines the time to interact (TTI) in the Info tab.

Maximum length of DOM attribute values

For browser-driven scripts, Silk Performer lets you configure a number of settings, like which DOM attribute names to ignore and which to prefer. You can now also set the maximum length of DOM attribute values. If the value is longer than specified, it will be cut off.

Starting browsers with command-line arguments

You can now add custom command-line arguments in the profile settings for all supported browsers (except Internet Explorer).