Uploading Test Results to Silk Central

  1. Choose Results > Upload Results to Silk Central . Alternatively, you can right-click a results node and choose Upload Results to Silk Central .

    If the project has previously been uploaded to Silk Central, the association with a Silk Central test is already known and preselected. Click Next and go to step 4.

  2. From the Projects list, select the Silk Central project to which you want to upload the Silk Performer test results and click Next.
  3. From the menu tree, select the test to which you want to upload the results and click Next. Alternatively you can right-click in the tree and choose various menu items to create a new test, child test, test folder, or child test folder to which the results are saved.
  4. On the Select results page, check the appropriate check boxes in the Results list to select the results to upload along with the project.
  5. Click Next.
  6. On the Specify product information and result status page, specify the version and build numbers for the assigned product to which the uploaded results belong.
  7. Check the checkbox Enable automatic test result upload to let Silk Performer upload test results automatically after each test run.
    Note: You can click the Upload path link to start Silk Central and go directly to the selected test. Check the Open Upload path on finish check box to automatically perform this action after clicking Finish.
  8. Click Finish to upload the results. A confirmation dialog box asks if you want to delete the local copies of the uploaded results.
  9. Click Yes.