Using the .NET Explorer SilkEssential

Before you begin this task, create and save a .NET Explorer test scenario. Refer to Silk Performer .NET Explorer Help for detailed information.

Silk Performer ships with a SilkEssential that allows you to hook .NET Explorer to produce a BDL script with tested Web Services.

  1. Create a new project based on the SilkEssential, as follows:
    1. Click Start here on the Silk Performer workflow bar.
      Note: If another project is already open, choose File > New Project from the menu bar and confirm that you want to close your currently open project.
    2. In the Name text box, enter a name for your project.
    3. Enter an optional project description in Description.
    4. From the Application menu tree, expand Web Services and click .NET Explorer.
    5. Click Next.
      Note: If you need to add additional resources to the project, right-click the project icon in the Project menu tree view. It is particularly important that all the user data files (.csv), random data files (.rnd), and .idl files needed by Silk Performer are set up for your project.
  2. Model the script.
  3. While the recorder is running, start .NET Explorer.
  4. Load a test scenario that you have defined in a previous.NET Explorer session.
  5. Execute an animated run of the scenario. A BDL script is generated while the recorder and .NET Explorer run.
  6. Close .NET Explorer and the recorder.
  7. Perform a Try Script run of the recorded BDL script.
  8. Perform XML customization and verification in the TrueLog, as required. Refer to TrueLog Explorer Help for detailed information.