Profile and System Settings

You can edit your profile and system settings within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET using the familiar Silk Performer dialog boxes. Open the dialog boxes through the Profile Settings and System Settings menu entries of the Silk Performer menu.

The following profile settings are specific to .NET:
  • Traffic redirection
    Route HTTP .NET through Silk Performer web engine

    If this option is enabled, all HTTP/HTTPS network traffic that is generated by .NET components is routed over the Silk Performer Web engine. This allows you to make use of Web engine features such as modem simulation, IP multiplexing, and others.

    This also creates TrueLog nodes for each Web request, along with statistical information about the traffic.

    Routed Web Service proxy classes
    This read-only class is filled by the .NET add-on with the Web service proxy classes you are using in your .NET test driver.
  • Application domain setting
    One application domain for each virtual user container process

    If this option is checked, there is only one application domain for all virtual users in the container process. This option improves performance because there is less overhead for the .NET Common Language Runtime to administrate multiple application domains for each process.

    The disadvantage is that all objects that are loaded from all virtual sers in the container process share a single application domain and therefore may conflict with one another in terms of, for example, global variables/resources.

    One application domain for each virtual user

    If this option is checked, each virtual user has its own application domain. The objects loaded by each virtual user are isolated in their application domains from other objects in other application domains.

    The disadvantage of this is that there is additional overhead for the .NET Common Language Runtime to administer multiple application domains in one process - therefore there is some performance loss.

  • Framework version

    Select the Microsoft .NET Framework version for your script replay. Silk Performer automatically populates this list with the framework version that you have installed on your computer.