Resampling Single Result Files

Specify a result file and resample the containing data by changing the interval and redefining the time frame. Increasing the output interval is useful to make result files smaller in size and to smoothen the corresponding graphs.

  1. On the Results tab, in the Data Processing group, click Resample Single Result File.
  2. Specify the Source file. This is the .tsd file that is to be resampled. Specify the name of the Destination file and click Next. The format of the destination file will be m@@<sourcefilename>_r.tsd
  3. Specify an Output interval. For longer running load tests, an increased output interval is useful because it results in a smaller target file.
  4. Choose one of the following merge types:
    • Click Relative to specify that all series start at the same time.
    • Click Absolute to consider the individual start time of each series.

      If you merge files from different load tests, the start times of those files are different, so use the Relative merge type.

      If you click Absolute, you can specify a time frame. Only data within this time frame is merged into the target file.

  5. Adjust the date and time settings by selecting a new start date/time and end date/time. Date and time settings are defined automatically based on the time frame selected in the time line.
  6. Click Next or Finish to start the resampling process.