Setting Up Your Project

Note: The Siebel Web client does not require an explicit software installation on the client computer. The client runs within a Web browser. Your browser may however prompt you for security reasons to confirm that the Siebel Java applet should be downloaded and installed. To avoid unnecessary security warnings in the future, add the name of the Siebel Web server to your browser's list of trusted sites.
  1. Select File > New Project to create your project.
  2. Select ERP/CRM > Siebel > Siebel Web Client
  3. Click Next. The Recorder is displayed, ready to begin recording your interactions with the Siebel application.
  4. (optional) If the Siebel installation under test uses load balancing through varying server names or requires additional context management, go to Settings > Active Profile > Web > Recording and adjust Web context management settings.

Scripts that use the host name standardhost in place of a real host name can be replayed against different servers by changing the host name at Settings > Active Profile > Internet > Hosts. The recorder can generate such scripts only if the host name is changed before recording takes place.