Placing a Complete Project Under Source Control

Note: System include files and data files cannot be placed under source control. Only custom include files and data files can be placed under source control.
  1. With a project loaded into Silk Performer, select the project node in the Project menu tree.
  2. Choose one of the following:
    • Select File > Source Control > Add to Source Control .
    • Right-click the project node and select Add to Source Control from the context menu.
    The Add To Source Control dialog opens. All scripts, include files, and data files associated with the project are automatically selected for placement under source code control.
  3. Uncheck any file type selections for file types that should not be placed under source control.
  4. Ensure that source control paths have been configured for each project file type. As you have already configured source control paths for custom include files and data files in Silk Performer’s system settings, you should now only have to specify source control paths for project files and script files. If required, log into your SCC and specify directories for your project and script files. For example, with VSS, a Click here to specify link appears in the Source Control Project column of the Add to Source Control dialog for any project file type for which a source control path has not been specified.
  5. Click Add to place the project’s files under source control.