Silk Performer Keyboard Shortcuts

Silk Performer provides a number of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.


Open Help F1
Open Startpage F11
Open Project Attributes Ctrl + Alt + A
Close Workbench Alt + F4

File Management

New file Ctrl + N
Open file Ctrl + O
Save file Ctrl + S
Print file Ctrl + P

Script Editing

Copy selection / line Ctrl + C
Paste selection / line Ctrl + V
Cut selection / line Ctrl + X
Duplicate selection / line Ctrl + D
Select all Ctrl + A
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Move line up Alt + Up
Move line down Alt + Down
Insert code snippet Tab or Return
Cycle through snippet statements Tab
Jump to codeblock (snippets) Return
Select multiple lines Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse
Comment Ctrl + Q
Uncomment Ctrl + W
Toggle comment Ctrl + Shift + Q
Create new line above Ctrl + Enter
Convert to lower case Ctrl + U
Convert to upper case Ctrl + Shift + U

Editor Helpers

Open API Help F1 (Cursor in function)
Show code completion Ctrl + Space
Hide code completion Esc
Show parameter info (tooltip) Ctrl + I
Open String Converter Ctrl + J


Add / remove bookmark Ctrl + F2
Jump to next bookmark F2
Jump to previous bookmark Shift + F2
Clear all bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + F2

Script Navigation

Go to line number Ctrl + G
Go to definition F12
Go to last position Ctrl + - (Minus)
Zooming Ctrl + Mouse Wheel

Find & Replace

Open Find dialog Ctrl + F
Open Replace dialog Ctrl + R
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3

Script Execution

Compile script F7
Run try script F8
Run baseline F9
Run test F10
Stop all Ctrl + Pause
Abort load test Ctrl + T
Kill all Ctrl + K


Start application Ctrl + W
Pause recording Ctrl + B
Stop recording Ctrl + S
Edit record settings Ctrl + E
New transaction Ctrl + N
New timer session Ctrl + U
Start timer Ctrl + I
Stop timer Ctrl + P
Insert comment Ctrl + A
Insert TrueLog Section Ctrl + ,
Generate Script Ctrl + G
Clear Ctrl + D
Edit script settings Ctrl + H
Change GUI size Ctrl + Z
Keep on top Ctrl + T

TrueLog Explorer

Add TrueLogs Ctrl + O
Add TrueLog on Error files Ctrl + U
Quick find Ctrl + D
Find Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Find errors Ctrl + E
Find next error F5
Find previous error Shift + F5
Step through TrueLog Strg + S
Do a Try Script run F8
Pause animation Ctrl + P
Expand all TrueLogs Ctrl + T

Browser Application

Find in Locator Spy Ctrl + F
New tab Ctrl + N
Display DOM hierarchy tree F12 or Pause/Break
Replay step (in replay mode) F11