Inserting OCR Verification Functions

Bitmap and window verification for applications hosted by Citrix servers does not allow for the verification of session-dependent data (for example, login names). However, using OCR techniques, Silk Performer enables the storing of recognizable text values in variables, thereby simplifying session-dependent verifications in Citrix load tests.

  1. Using Silk Performer, record a Citrix session.
  2. Run a Try Script run, with the Animated Run with TrueLog Explorer check box checked on the Try Script dialog box. This opens TrueLog Explorer.
  3. When the Try Script run is complete, select the API node that includes the bitmap screengrab of the screen on which you want to verify text.
  4. Click and drag your cursor onscreen to select the screen region that includes the text you want to use for verification.
  5. Right-click in the selected area and choose Verify Text.
  6. The Insert Text Verification Function dialog box opens. The selected text is pre-loaded into the constant value text box and the constant value option button is selected by default.
    Tip: In addition to verifying against a constant value, you can also verify against a parameter (either an existing parameter or a new parameter). To verify against a parameter, select the parameter option button. If a parameter already exists, clicking [...] allows you to browse to and select a parameter. If no parameters exist, clicking [...] launches the Parameter Wizard, enabling you to create a new parameter.
  7. Specify the OCR technique that should be used to verify the text. While font-based OCR needs fewer resources, the fuzzy OCR produces better results for texts displayed with font smoothing techniques. Help the fuzzy OCR to provide better results by specifying the language of the text.
  8. From the Verify that the text in the selected rectangle is list box, select equal or not equal.
  9. Specify whether or not the verification is to be Case sensitive and if it should Ignore whitespaces.
  10. In the Severity portion of the dialog box, specify the severity that is to be raised if the verification returns a negative result (Error, Warning, Informational, or Custom). Click OK.
  11. A confirmation dialog box opens. Click OK to add the OCR verification function to your Citrix test script.