Database TrueLog Structure

TrueLog Explorer supports the visualization of database requests and responses in the same way that it supports the visualization of HTTP client requests and HTTP/HTML server responses for Web applications. Although with database TrueLogs, a readable database format is presented rather than a GUI as is the case with HTML TrueLogs.

TrueLog Explorer acts as a database browser in which SQL statements and their corresponding input parameters and output parameters can be viewed concurrently. Each supported database API presents data in the same TrueLog format.

The five windows that are offered with database TrueLogs are as follows:
  • Menu tree - Lists all relevant database API calls (those that send or retrieve data).
  • Input parameter - SQL input (bind) data sent to the database.
  • SQL command - Corresponding SQL command.
  • Result set - Output SQL data received by the client.
  • Information - Data regarding the test run.

The only view tabs that are active and applicable to database TrueLogs are SQL Command, Info, and BDL.

Graphic that shows the window layout

Graphic that shows the TrueLog structure