Context-less Functions

Context-less functions do not refer to previous events or results during script execution. Therefore they work without requiring information from previous events. For context-less function calls, all information that is required to perform functions must be specified in scripts. Scripting and recording of context-less functions requires that session and other dynamic information be included in some test scripts.

A typical feature of context-less functions is that they include parameters that specify URLs for download.

Context-less functions in Silk Performer page-level API include:
  • WebPageUrl
  • WebPageForm
  • WebPagePost, WebPagePostFile
  • WebPageCustomRequest, WebPageCustomRequestBin, WebPageCustomRequestFile

If any of these functions uses a form from the dclform section of your test script, the form will use a context-less approach because there is not a corresponding HTML form from which unchanged (for example, hidden) values can be taken. All form values must be specified in the script.