Classes Tab

All loaded classes and Web services are listed in the .NET Explorer Loaded Components pane on the Classes tab.

Only constructors, static methods, and members are displayed, as there is no object context required to call them.

Web services and remotable interfaces are treated as if they only have static methods.

The following folders are available in Classes view:

Web Services

Classes that are derived from SoapHttpClientProtocol are included in this folder. Asynchronous method calls are not allowed and therefore are not shown.

Remotable Classes

Classes that are derived from MarshalByRefObjects are included in this folder. Activation information (type and URL) can be set at the class node.

To create a remote object, call one of the constructors or use the context menu.

Remotable Interfaces

Interfaces are included in this folder. Interfaces are treated like Web services.

An activation URL to a WellKnown object can be defined for each interface. If an interface is configured for remote access to a WellKnown object, simply call a method.

COM Classes

COM classes are COM wrapper classes that have been imported to be callable from .NET.

Other Classes

Other classes that do not fit in the above listed categories are included in this folder.