Manual Script Editing

Silk Performer test scripts are written in the program's proprietary scripting language, the Benchmark Description Language (BDL), which is a high-level language that resembles Pascal. To edit scripts manually, you must be familiar with BDL and be able to create prototypes of user requests. You must also be able to define the typical components of a test script, including modules, functions, workload definitions, transactions, and Web forms.

Verification and Parsing Functions

All parsing and verification functions must be specified before the Web API calls that will offer the response data that is to be parsed/verified. You can specify multiple parse/verification functions before a Web API call. The order of the parse/verification functions is not relevant (Exception: WebParseDataBound and WebVerifyDataBound using the flag WEB_FLAG_SYNCHRON).

WebVerifyHtml("Proper equipment leads to a successful trip", 1, ...);