SAP Results

Depending on the measure settings in the active profile, measures are generated for those method calls that have the optional timer parameter defined.

Measures are generated for those method calls that force a roundtrip to the SAP server.
Note: Not all API calls force a roundtrip.

The following measures will be generated during a roundtrip:

Round Trips

Before SAPGUI sends data to the server, it locks the user interface. In many cases it will not unlock the interface once data arrives from the server, but instead will send a new request to the server immediately. Controls in particular use this technology to load the data they need for visualization. The count of these token switches between SAPGUI and the server is offered with this measure.


Counts the number of flushes in the automation queue during server communication.

Interpretation Times

The interpretation time begins after the data has arrived from the server. It comprises the parsing of the data and distribution to the SAPGUI elements.

Response Times

This is the time that is spent on network communication from the moment data is sent to the server to the moment the server response arrives.

An overall counter for the roundtrips is shown in the Monitor window during a test and can also be monitored in Performance Explorer as one of the Silk Performer Controller/Agent measures.