Setting Response Time Thresholds

  1. Click View Baseline on the workflow bar. The Baseline Summary page appears.
  2. Click Set response time thresholds in the Next Steps area on the right side. The Automatic Threshold Generation dialog box opens.
  3. Select the timers for which you want to set thresholds.
  4. Specify the appropriate Lower bound and Upper bound multipliers for your load tests.
  5. If the corresponding timers from the baseline test are 0, specify minimum values.
  6. If you want to raise an error or a warning message in case a threshold is exceeded, you can specify the severity of the raised message.
  7. Click OK.
Note: The buttons Find Baseline and View Baseline are only visible when the full workflow bar is enabled.
Note: By default, Silk Performer displays the simple workflow bar. To switch between the workflow bar types, right-click on the workflow bar and click Show Simple Workflow Bar, Show Full Workflow Bar, or Show Monitoring Workflow Bar.