Workload Section

The users to be simulated are defined in the workload section of a test script. A user is described by the transactions to be called and the frequency of those transactions.

Note: The workload section in a script must be defined before the transactions section that defines the transactions used in the workload section.

The users to be simulated are defined using the keyword dcluser.


Workload      = UserDcl { UserDcl }.

UserDcl       = "user" UserGroupList
                "transactions" TransCount { TransCount }.

UserGroupList = ident { "," ident }.

TransCount    = identifier [ "(" ActTParList ")" ]
                 ":" number ";".

ActParList    = ActPar { "," ActPar }.

ActPar       = identifier | string | signum | float |
                "true" | "false".

The workload section (Workload) of a Silk Performer test script consists of one or more workload descriptions for a user group (UserDcl). A workload description of a user group contains the names of the user groups (ident1), and finally the transactions to be invoked by the user group together with their calling frequency (TransCount).