Java Framework Overview

To generate a benchmark executable and run a load test with the help of the Java Framework, two source files are normally required:

Silk Performer lets you call Java methods of any Java object from a BDL context including passing parameters of any type and number. Return values can be retrieved equally. When a Java method returns a complex object, a handle to the Java object is returned in its place. The handle can be passed to other method calls as an input parameter, or public methods may be invoked on the object. There is also support for static methods, cast operations, and exception handling.

Java-based tests are driven by BDL scripts. BDL implements a set of functions that enable you to:

The silk.performer package provides the SilkPerformer class, which enables the Java side to communicate with the Silk Performer's runtime system. It exposes a set of testing methods that are also available in BDL.