Overview of Recording the Stages of a Test Case

A test case includes several stages. The following table illustrates these stages, describing in high-level terms the steps for each stage of a sample test case that tests whether the Find facility is working.

After learning the basics of recording, you can record from within the test plan file, which makes recording easier by automatically generating the links that connect the test plan to the test case.

Setup and Record

  1. Open a new document.
  2. Type text into the document.
  3. Position the text cursor either before or after the text, depending on the direction of the search.
  4. Click Find in the Search menu.
  5. In the Find dialog box:
    1. Type the text to search for in the Find What text box.
    2. Select a direction for the search.
    3. Make the search case sensitive or not.
    4. Click Find Next to perform the search.
  6. Click Cancel to close the Find dialog box.


Record a 4Test verification statement that checks that the actual search string found, if any, is the expected search string.


  1. Close the document.
  2. Click No when prompted to save the file.