Test Case Design

When defining test requirements, the goal is to vigorously test each application feature. To do so, you need to decide which set of inputs to a feature will provide the most meaningful test results.

As you design your test cases, you may want to associate data with individual objects, which can then be referenced inside test cases. You may find this preferable to declaring global variables or passing parameters to your test cases.

The type of data you decide to define within a window declaration will vary, depending on the type of testing you are doing. Some examples include:

The following declaration for the Find dialog contains a list that specifies the tab sequence of the dialog box children.

window DialogBox Find
   tag "Find"
   parent TextEditor
   LIST OF WINDOW lwTabOrder = {...}

For more information about the syntax to use for lists, see LIST data type.

Before you begin to design and record test cases, make sure that the built-in recovery system can close representative dialogs from your application window.