Update Files Dialog Box

Use to indicate whether you want to update window declarations on the fly after you have finished recording.

Click Paste to Editor on the Record dialog boxes if the recorder discovers new windows or child objects. This dialog box gives you the option of using the generated identifiers or the dynamically instantiated variables.

Paste testcase/appstate only
Select this option to paste the dynamically instantiated variables to the test case or appstate. If you select this option, the Update Window Declaration Detail area is unavailable. If you have clicked the Set Recovery System button on the Record Testcase dialog box or the Record Application State dialog box, this button is disabled. If you have configured your basestate, Silk Test Classic creates a main window declaration and saves it to a .inc file. That means that this option is not available to you.
Paste testcase/appstate and update window declaration(s)
Select this option paste the variables to the test case or appstate AND to add the generated identifiers to a new file or an opened file. If you select this option, the Update Window Declaration Detail area is available.
Update Window Declaration Detail area
This area may contain one or both of the following messages.
Input the file name to store new window objects
Indicate the name of the new file or the name of the referenced file (that is, a file loaded into memory) to contain the window declarations. The file you specify here is listed in the Use Files field on the Runtime Options dialog box.
The window declarations in the following files will be updated
If the recorder finds new child objects, Silk Test Classic lists the files that have changed and updates them after you click OK.