Recording the Cleanup Stage and Pasting the Recording

After performing the verification, continue to interact with your application. This is the cleanup stage. For example, in the sample test case, cleanup means closing the document window without saving it.

  1. When you have finished recording your test case or just want to see what you have recorded, click Done on the Record Status on Classic Agent window. Silk Test Classic displays the Record Test Case window again. The Test case code field contains your interactions written as 4Test code.
  2. Review the code and take the following actions:
    • All the information in the window is complete and what you want, then click Paste to Editor. Silk Test Classic closes the Record Test Case dialog box and places the new test case in your script file.
    • If the test case name is not what you want, then edit the name in the Test case name field.
    • If the application state is not the one you want, then delete the code in the Test case code field, select a new application state from the list box and click Resume Recording to re-record the test case.
    • If the test case is not finished, then click Resume Recording. The Record Status on Classic Agent window is reopened. You can continue to record your interactions.
    Note: When you paste a recorded test case, or other recorded actions, such as when you use Record Actions, into a script, Silk Test Classic indents the code under a recording statement to facilitate playback. For more information, see Recording Statement.
  3. Click Paste to Editor. If you have interacted with objects in your application that have not been identified in your include files, the Update Files dialog box opens. Choosing Paste test case only, does not update any .inc files while it pastes to the script with dynamically instantiated new objects. Update window declarations and test case will create window declarations for new objects and use the new identifiers in the resulting test case.
    Note: If you edit the contents of the Recorder window, then you must allow Silk Test Classic to update the window declarations. The Paste test case only option will be disabled.
  4. Click File > Save to save the script file.