Recording Actions

Use the Record Actions dialog box to record the actions you perform to test an application. For example, you can also use the dialog box to write a syntactically correct 4Test statement based on your manual interaction with your application. This eliminates the need to search through the documentation for the correct method and its arguments. Once the statement is recorded, click Paste to Editor to insert the statement to your script.

This functionality is available only for projects or scripts that use the Classic Agent.

  1. Click Record > Actions to open the Record Actions dialog box.
  2. Perform the action that you want to record.

    The dialog box displays the GUI object name when you point to an object. You can click Pause Recording to review the object properties that you have recorded. When you click Resume Recording, the status bar returns.

  3. Press Ctrl+Alt to verify the action.
  4. Click Paste to Editor and then click Close.