Using the Properties Pane

The Properties pane displays properties of a step that describe the basic characteristics of the step including the name of the step, the execution status, the details about the playback performance, and other information.

  1. Click the step Enter '42'. This step performs the action of typing the value '42' into the Age text box. The Properties pane updates and displays the properties of the selected step.
  2. Click the Categorized icon if it is not already selected. The properties are grouped into the following main categories:

    Contains properties that correspond to the columns in the Test Steps pane. Properties such as the name of the step, the date and time the step was executed, and the time it took to run the step.

    Extended properties

    Contains additional playback details such as the locator name Silk Test Workbench uses to identify the control or the value of the text entered by an Enter action step. Extended properties are helpful to view the contents of variables or expressions when they are used in action steps. For example, an Enter step that uses the variable textVar as its value displays the contents of textVar in the Extended properties category.

  3. Expand the Extended properties node. The Text property and Locator property appear with their respective values listed. The Text property value is '42', which is the value entered in the Age text box for this step.
  4. Click the Show/Hide Step Properties of Visual Test Before Playback icon. The Visual test details node appears and lists all of the original properties of the step as they exist in the visual test.