ActiveData Assets

ActiveData is stored in a file, for example an Excel spreadsheet, which is known as the ActiveData file. The ActiveData file can either be stored internally, which means in the Silk Test Workbench database, or externally, for example in the file system.

An ActiveData asset enables Silk Test Workbench to access the data in an ActiveData file. Additionally, the ActiveData asset enables you to manage the data in the ActiveData file directly from Silk Test Workbench. ActiveData assets can be used from any visual test, VB .NET script, and keyword-driven test, and can be modified at any time.

When creating an ActiveData asset, you select the external file to use with the asset. You can also specify the following:
  • What data in the ActiveData file to use in the ActiveData asset.
  • Whether the first row in the ActiveData file contains column headings.
  • Whether the ActiveData file should be writeable or should be treated as read only.
Note: If Silk Test Workbench attempts to access an open ActiveData file, a runtime error occurs. Use error handling to continue the test execution in this situation.

ActiveData files can be either prepared in advance or created and edited within Silk Test Workbench. Create, modify, and maintain ActiveData assets using the Asset Browser.