Opening an Oracle Database

Use the following procedure to start the Database Maintenance utility and open an Oracle database.

  1. Click (in Microsoft Windows 7) Start > Programs > Silk > Silk Test > Administration > Database Maintenance or (in Microsoft Windows 10) Start > Silk > Database Maintenance. The Database Maintenance utility starts.
  2. Click File > Open Database > Oracle. The Oracle Data Source Connection dialog box opens.
  3. Click Browse. The Select ODBC Data Source dialog box opens.
  4. Select the desired Oracle DSN, and then click Select. The Oracle Data Source Connection dialog box opens and displays the selected DSN in the Oracle Data Source Name text box.
  5. In the Schema, User ID, and Password text boxes, enter the appropriate information for the Silk Test Oracle database instance.
  6. Click Open. The database opens and the Database Maintenance utility’s Tools menu options become available. If there are users currently connected to the selected database, Silk Test Workbench displays a message.
For more information, see Performing Maintenance on a Database with Connected Users.