Image Recognition Support

You can use image recognition in the following situations:
  • To conveniently interact with test applications that contain highly customized controls, which cannot be identified using object recognition. You can use image clicks instead of coordinate-based clicks to click on a specified image.
  • To test graphical objects in the application under test, for example charts.
  • To perform a check of the visible UI of the application under test.

If you want to click on a control that is otherwise not recognizable, you can use the imageClick method with an image asset. If you want to verify that an otherwise not recognizable control exists in your application under test, you can use the verifyAsset method with an image verification.

Image recognition methods are supported for all technology domains that are supported by Silk4J.

Note: Image recognition methods do not work with controls that are not visible on the screen. For example, you cannot use image recognition for an image that is scrolled out of view.