Replaying Keyword-Driven Tests from Eclipse

  1. In the Project Explorer, navigate to the keyword-driven test asset that you want to replay.
  2. Richt-click the asset name.
  3. Choose Run As > Keyword-Driven Test.
  4. Optional: To open the Run Configurations dialog box, choose Run As > Run Configurations.
  5. Optional: In the Run Configurations dialog box, you can select a different test or project.
  6. Optional: In the Global variables grid of the Run Configurations dialog box, you can set the values of any variables that are used for the execution of the keyword-driven test. These values are used whenever you execute the keyword-driven test asset.
    1. Type a Variable Name and a Value for the variable into the corresponding fields.
    2. Type Enter to add a new line to the grid.
    3. Repeat the previous two steps until you have set the values of all the global variables that you want to use.
    When executing keyword-driven tests that are part of an automation framework and that are managed in a test management tool, for example Silk Central, you can also add a new .properties file to a project to set the values of global variables for the entire project. For additional information, see Replaying a Keyword-Driven Test with Specific Variables.
  7. Optional: To close the Run Configurations dialog box and to start the execution of the keyword-driven test asset, click Run.
  8. If you are testing a web application, the Select Browser dialog box opens. Select the browser and click Run.
  9. Click Run.
  10. Optional: If necessary, you can press both Shift keys at the same time to stop the execution of the test.
  11. When the test execution is complete, the Playback Complete dialog box opens. Click Explore Results to review the TrueLog for the completed test.