Replaying Silk4J Tests from Silk Central

To access Silk4J tests from Silk Central, you need to store the Silk4J tests in a JAR file in a repository that Silk Central can access through a source control profile.

To replay functional tests in Silk4J from Silk Central, for example keyword-driven tests:

  1. In Silk Central, create a project from which the Silk4J tests will be executed.
  2. Under Tests > Details View, create a new test container for the new project.

    For additional information about Silk Central, refer to the Silk Central Help.

    The test container is required to specify the source control profile for the Silk4J tests.
    1. In the Tests tree, right-click on the node below which you want to add the new test container.
    2. Click New Test Container. The New Test Container dialog box opens.
    3. Type a name for the new test container into the Name field. For example, type Keyword-Driven Tests
    4. In the Source control profile field, select the source control profile in which the JAR file, which contains the Silk4J tests, is located.
    5. Click OK.
  3. Create a new JUnit test in the new test container.

    For additional information about Silk Central, refer to the Silk Central Help.

    1. In the Test class field of the JUnit Test Properties dialog box, type the name of the test class. Specify the fully-qualified name of the test suite class. For additional information, see Replaying Keyword-Driven Tests from the Command Line.
    2. In the Classpath field, specify the name of the JAR file that contains the tests.
    3. For keyword-driven testing, also specify the paths to the following files, separated by semicolons.
      • silktest-jtf-nodeps.jar
      These files are located in the Silk Test installation directory. For example, the Classpath field for the keyword-driven tests in the JAR file tests.jar might look like the following:
      tests.jar;C:\Program Files 
      (x86)\Silk\SilkTest\ng\KeywordDrivenTesting\;C:\Program Files 
      (x86)\Silk\SilkTest\ng\KeywordDrivenTesting\;C:\Program Files 
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Execute the tests. For additional information about executing tests in Silk Central, refer to the Silk Central Help.