Troubleshooting when Testing Silverlight Applications

Silk4J cannot see inside the Silverlight application and no green rectangles are drawn during recording

The following reasons may cause Silk4J to be unable to see inside the Silverlight application:
Reason Solution
You use a Silverlight version prior to 3. Use Silverlight 3 (Silverlight Runtime 4) or Silverlight 4 (Silverlight Runtime 4).
Your Silverlight application is running in windowless mode. Silk4J does not support Silverlight applications that run in windowless mode. To test such an application, you need to change the Web site where your Silverlight application is running. Therefore you need to set the windowless parameter in the object tag of the HTML or ASPX file, in which the Silverlight application is hosted, to false.
The following sample code sets the windowless parameter to false:
<object ...>
  <param name="windowless" value="false"/>