Apache Flex Support

Silk4J provides built-in support for testing Apache Flex applications using Internet Explorer and the Standalone Flash Player, and Adobe AIR applications built with Apache Flex 4 or later.

Silk4J also supports multiple application domains in Apache Flex 3.x and 4.x applications, which enables you to test sub-applications. Silk4J recognizes each sub-application in the locator hierarchy tree as an application tree with the relevant application domain context. At the root level in the locator attribute table, Apache Flex 4.x sub-applications use the SparkApplication class. Apache Flex 3.x sub-applications use the FlexApplication class.

Supported Controls

For a complete list of the record and playback controls available for Apache Flex testing, view a list of the supported Flex classes in the com.borland.silktest.jtf.flex package in the API Reference.

Note: The Silk Test Flex Automation SDK is based on the Automation API for Apache Flex. The Silk Test Automation SDK supports the same components in the same manner that the Automation API for Apache Flex supports them. For instance, the typekey statement in the Flex Automation API does not support all keys. You can use the input text statement to resolve this issue. For more information about using the Flex Automation API, see the Apache Flex Release Notes.