Enabling Your Flex Application for Testing

To enable your Flex application for testing, your Apache Flex developers must include the following components in the Flex application:

Apache Flex Automation Package

The Flex automation package provides developers with the ability to create Flex applications that use the Automation API. You can download the Flex automation package from Adobe's website, http://www.adobe.com. The package includes:

  • Automation libraries – the automation.swc and automation_agent.swc libraries are the implementations of the delegates for the Flex framework components. The automation_agent.swc file and its associated resource bundle are the generic agent mechanism. An agent, such as the Silk Test Agent, builds on top of these libraries.
  • Samples
Note: The Silk Test Flex Automation SDK is based on the Automation API for Flex. The Silk Test Automation SDK supports the same components in the same manner that the Automation API for Flex supports them. For instance, the typekey statement in the Flex Automation API does not support all keys. You can use the input text statement to resolve this issue. For more information about using the Flex Automation API, see the Apache Flex Release Notes.

Silk Test Automation Package

Silk Test's Open Agent uses the Apache Flex automation agent libraries. The FlexTechDomain.swc file contains the Silk Test specific implementation.

You can enable your application for testing using either of the following methods:

  • Linking automation packages to your Flex application
  • Run-time loading