Setting Up a Printer

Use the Printer Setup dialog box to set up a printer.

Click to display the printer’s options dialog box.
Click to display the Connect to Printer dialog box where you can select another printer to use.
  1. Click File > Printer Setup.
  2. Select the printer.
    • To use the default printer, click Default Printer.
    • To use a different printer than the default, click Specific Printer.
  3. Select the printer format.
    • Click Portrait to print the current document in portrait format (8.5 x 11).
    • Click Landscape to print the current document in landscape format (11 x 8.5 inches).
  4. Select the size of the paper that you are using to print from the Size list.
  5. Select the paper source that the printer should use from the Source list.
  6. Click Options to display specific options for the selected printer.
  7. Click Network to select a network printer.