Printing the Contents of the Active Window

Use the Print dialog box to print all or part of the contents of the active editor or results window.

  1. Click File > Print. The Print dialog box appears.
  2. Select All lines to print the entire file or Selected lines only to print only lines that you have highlighted.
  3. Enter values for the left, right, top, and bottom margins. The default value for any margin is 0.50 inch.
  4. Type literal text, variables, or a combination of both into the Header and Footer fields. You can also enter the following into the fields:
    • &f to print the file name.

    • &p to print the page number.

    For example, if you type Script: &f in the Header field of a file named testapp.t, the printed header will be: Script: testapp.t.
  5. Select the output resolution from the Print Quality list.
  6. Check the Print Fully Expanded check box to print the entire contents of the file. Uncheck the check box to print the file as it is shown on the screen.
  7. Check the Print Icons check box to print icons.
  8. Click Font to change the font family, the font size, and the style of the text.
  9. Click Setup to display the Printer Setup dialog box where you can reconfigure the printer options.