Selecting the Mobile Device for Test Replay

You can define the mobile device that is used for the replay of a test in the following ways:
  • If you execute a script from the command line or from a Continuous Integration (CI) server, specify the connection string in the application configuration of the script.
  • If you execute a test from Silk Central, specify the mobile device in the Mobile Device Selection area of the Deployment tab of the execution definition in Silk Central instead of specifying a connection string. For additional information, refer to the Silk Central Help.
You can use the connection string to specify a specific mobile device, or you can filter a subset of the available devices, for example if you have a device pool. The first matching device is used for replay. If not specified otherwise, mobile devices are matched by using the following rules, with declining priority:
  • Matching mobile devices connected to the local machine are preferred over mobile devices connected to remote locations.
  • If the browser type is specified in the connection string, newer browser versions are preferred over older versions.
  • Newer platforms are preferred over older platforms.
  • A physical device is preferred to an Emulator or Simulator.
  • A device with a device name that is alphabetically later is preferred. For example, a device named "iphone 6" is preferred to a device named "iphone 5".

Example: Connection string for an app on an Android device that is connected to a remote machine

To test the app MyApp.apk on an Android device that is connected to a remote machine, the connection string would look like the following:

Example: Connection string for an app on an iOS Simulator on a Mac