TimerState Function


Queries the current state of a timer.


state = TimerState (hTimer)
Variable Description
state The state of the timer: TS_STARTED, TS_STOPPED, or TS_PAUSED. TIMERSTATE.
hTimer A handle to the timer to query. HTIMER.


TimerState is useful when you do not want your script to be sensitive to the state of the timer. For example, you can test whether the state is TS_STARTED, and, if not, start the timer before continuing with the rest of the script.


HTIMER TotalTimer
TotalTimer = TimerCreate () // make a timer handle
TimerStart (TotalTimer) // initialize & start a timer
TimerPause (TotalTimer) // pause the timer
// ...
Print (TimerState (TotalTimer)) // prints: TS_PAUSED
TimerDestroy (TotalTimer) // destroy the timer handle