Multitestcase Declaration

A function preceded by the multitestcase keyword indicates to the 4Test compiler that the function is a test case that operates correctly in a multi-application, distributed environment. A test case defined with this keyword starts by automatically executing the DefaultMultiTestCaseEnter function and ends with the automatic execution of DefaultMultiTestCaseExit. As a result, the test case correctly handles recovery operations for a script that drives multiple applications. This contrasts with the function declaration that uses the testcase keyword and which can only recover a single application, because it executes DefaultTestCaseEnter and DefaultTestCaseExit.

A function defined with the multitestcase keyword can invoke any number of functions defined with the testcase keyword. A function cannot call multitestcase functions and a testcase function cannot call other testcase functions.

Note: If you choose to write your own functions for automatic execution at the beginning and/or the end of your test case, name them MultiTestCaseEnter and MultiTestCaseExit.