Silk Test Classic File Formats

Silk Test Classic gives you the ability to specify the file format of text files and .ini files. Before Silk Test Classic 5.5, all files were in the ANSI file format. You can create the following formats:
For Silk Test Classic purposes, ANSI is defined as the Microsoft Windows ANSI character set from Code Page 1252 Windows Latin 1.
Is an extended form of ASCII that provides the ability to represent data in a uniform plaintext format that can be sorted and processed efficiently. Unicode encompasses nearly all characters used in computers today.
Unicode Transformation Format (UTF) Is a multi-byte encoding that can handle all Unicode characters. It is used to compress Unicode, minimize storage consumption and maximize transmission.

You have the ability to save text files in any of three file formats: ANSI, UTF-8, and Unicode. By default all files are saved in UTF-8 format. The Save As dialog boxes throughout include a list box from which you can select the file format in which you want to save your file.