Reusing Silk Test Classic Single-Byte Files as Double-Byte

If you have existing single-byte Silk Test Classic text files, such as *.pln, *.inc or *.t, that you want to use in double-byte testing, the files must:

Opening an existing Silk Test Classic file as a double-byte file

Choose one of the following:

  • Copy the file you want to re-use to a new directory. Do not copy the associated object (*.ino or *.to) files. In Silk Test Classic, open this new file.
  • In the existing directory, delete the object files associated with the file you want to re-use. In Silk Test Classic, open the desired file.

When the Silk Test Classic file is compiled, new objects files are created. If you enter double-byte content into the file, when you try to close the file you will be prompted to save the file in a compatible file format, Unicode or UTF-8.