GetItemText Function (ComboBox ListBox PopupList RadioList)


ComboBox class, ListBox class, PopupList class, and RadioList class.


Returns the text of an item in the list box, popup list, radio list, or combo box.


sText = object.GetItemText (iIndex[, bRawMode])
Variable Description
sText The text of the item. STRING.
iIndex The item to find, specified as the index number (1-based) of the item in the list. INTEGER.
bRawMode Optional. TRUE to leave platform-specific information in the string, or FALSE (default) to remove that information. BOOLEAN.


GetItemText returns the text string associated with the specified index. If the item is graphical or does not contain text, GetItemText returns a pound sign (#) followed by the index number.

When bRawMode is TRUE, the returned string includes separator lines, trailing and leading spaces, ellipses, accelerators, and hot keys. These additional characters make the string platform-specific. When bRawMode is FALSE, the output of GetItemText does not include any special characters.


STRING s1Text, s2Text;
s1Text = Open.Files.GetItemText (1)
s2Text = Open.Files.GetItemText (2)