RadioList Class


RadioList is the class for a group of radio buttons, such as the two radio buttons used to specify direction in the Find dialog box of the Text Editor application. Only one button in a radio list can be selected at a single time.


RadioList derives from the Control class; no classes derive from this class.

Identification of RadioList items

Some RadioList methods let you specify items as either INTEGERs or STRINGs, in one of these ways:

  • A STRING, which can contain the wildcard characters question mark (?), to match any single character, and asterisk (*), to match zero or more characters

  • An INTEGER that represents the numerical index (1-based) of the item

  • A STRING of the form "#n", where n is the numerical index

Methods and Properties

In addition to the methods and properties it inherits from the AnyWin class and Control class, RadioList has the following methods and properties: