sValue Property


  • ComboBox
  • DynamicText
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • PopupList
  • RadioList
  • StaticText
  • TextField
  • TreeView
  • XmlNode


  • For ComboBox, the text in the combo box text box.
  • For DynamicText, the text in the dynamic text box.
  • For ListBox, the text of the selected item in a single-selection listbox.
  • For ListView, the text of the selected list box control.
  • For PopupList or RadioList, the text of the selected item.
  • For StaticText, the text in the static text box.
  • For TextField, the text in the single-line text box.
  • For TreeView, the text of the selected tree.
  • For XmlNode, the text associated with the xml object.

Data Type



For StaticText, read only. For all others, read and write.