PageList Class


PageList is the class for tabbed, multi-page dialog boxes, and for button bars.

On Windows, this class corresponds to the TabControl control.

On Windows, Silk Test Classic only supports major tabs; it does not support minor tabs (also called "subpages" or "child pages").


PageList derives from the Control class. The following class derives from the PageList class:

  • SWTTabControl

Identification of PageList Pages

In PageList methods, you identify a specific page by its tab name or its index value relative to the other pages in the pagelist.

Examples of Identifying Pages

The following examples show how you can identify pages within a PageList by tab name or by index.

This Specification... Identifies This Page...
5 5th page
"#5" 5th page
"Runtime" Page with major or minor tab "Runtime".

Page with major tab "Runtime".

The slash is optional for Windows.

Methods and Properties

In addition to the methods and properties it inherits from the AnyWin class and Control class, PageList has the following methods and properties: