This data type is supported only on the Open Agent in tests that use dynamic object recognition.

Specifies options for the Find and FindAll operations. Use to override the default timeout value or to specify whether an exception or null is thrown if the object is not found.

4Test defines this record data type as follows:
[-] type FINDOPTIONS is record
	[ ] NUMBER timeout
	[ ] BOOLEAN throwWindowNotFoundException

The throwWindowNotFoundException value determines whether the Find method throws an E_WINDOW_NOT_FOUND exception if no object is found or NULL is returned if no object is found. The throwWindowNotFoundException value is only relevant for Find methods. It is ignored in FindAll methods. The default value is TRUE.

The timeout value is the timeout in seconds for the Find and FindAll operations. By default, the value of the OPT_WINDOW_TIMEOUT option is used.


To find the dialog Information with a timeout of three seconds, and to return NULL if the dialog is not found, instead of throwing an E_WINDOW_NOT_FOUND exception, you can use code that is similar to the following:
WINDOW informationDialog = Desktop.Find("//Dialog[@caption=’Information’]", {3,FALSE})
When using object maps, if the corresponding object map identifier is Information, the previous code samples look like the following:
WINDOW informationDialog = Desktop.Find("Information", {3,FALSE})