Changing the Colors of Elements In the Results File

  1. In Silk Test Classic, click Options > Editor Colors to display the Editor Colors dialog.
  2. Select an element from the Editor Item list box.
  3. Select one of the 16 colors from the palette or modify the RGB values of the selected color. To modify RGB value, select the color. Slide the bar to the left or right, click the spin buttons, or type specific RGB values until you get the color you want.
  4. When you are satisfied with the color, click OK.

To revert to the default colors, click Reset. By default, these results file elements are displayed in the following colors:

Results file element Default color/icon
Error messages and warnings Red plus sign (bold on black-and-white monitor)
Warnings only Purple plus sign
Test descriptions of executed tests Dark blue
Test descriptions of unexecuted tests Grayed out
Other descriptive lines Black