Setting the Editor Colors

You can use the Editor Colors dialog box to set the screen colors for various elements of 4Test code, results information, and the test plan, if available. You can select any of the provided screen colors or create your own color by modifying the RGB values of these colors.

Click to revert to the default colors.
Text background
Enables you to set the background color for all editor windows (.inc, .pln, .res, .t,). The default value for Text background is white.
  1. Click Options > Editor Colors. The Editor Colors dialog box appears.
  2. Select the editor item, the color of which you want to change, from the Editor item list. You can change the colors of the following items:
    • 4Test strings
    • 4Test numbers
    • 4Test keywords
    • 4Test comments
    • 4Test other
    • Results summary
    • Results output
    • Results errors
    • Results warnings
    • Results not executed
    • Results other
    • Testplan test description
    • Testplan statements
    • Testplan comments
    • Testplan other
    • Difference text changed
    • Difference text added
    • Difference text deleted
    • Difference text other
    • Text background
  3. Select the new color for the item.
  4. To change the RGB values of the selected color, slide the corresponding bars to the left or right, click the corresponding spin buttons, or type the value into the corresponding fields.
  5. Optional: Click Reset to revert to the default colors.
  6. Click OK.