Changing Colors in a Test Plan

You can customize your test plan so that different test plan components display in unique colors.

To change the default colors:

  1. Click Options > Editor Colors.
  2. On the Editor Colors dialog box, select the outline editor item you want to change in the Editor Item list box at the left of the dialog box.
  3. Apply a color to the item by selecting a pushbutton from the list of predefined colors or create a new color to apply by selecting the red, green, and blue values that compose the color.
    Default color Component Description
    Blue Test description Lowest level of the hierarchical test plan outline that describes a single test case.
    Red Test plan statement Link scripts, test cases, test data, closed sub-plans, or an include file, such as a test frame, to the test plan.
    Magenta Include statement when sub-plan is open Sub-plans to be included in a master plan.
    Green Comment Additional user information that is incidental to the outline; preceded by double slashes (//); provides documentation throughout the test plan.
    Black Other line (group description) Higher level lines of the hierarchical test plan outline that describe a group of tests; may be several levels in depth.